Ponnambalam Murugaverl

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Ponnambalam Murugaverl

Ponnambalam Murugaverl (49 years)
Bern, Switzerland

‘’In 83’ we used to go to Sockan Master to prepare for our exams and on that day we had a class in the morning; it was very early since I remember the dim morning light. When we arrived Master told us, ‘Thambi, it is not possible to conduct classes today and I am unable to give you any details but the situation is not good to conduct lessons and it is better that you all go safely. There has been some problem down Palali Road. We should not be talking about it now.’…. We [friends & Murugaverl] had heard some noises but were not sure what had happened.’’

Murugaverl then 19 years old, shares his experience of how he and his friends decide to go and see the area where the 13 army soldiers were killed at the Thirunelveli junction, the incident that triggered the 83’ pogrom; they narrowly escape being caught by the army that day and recalls that people around the area were subject to harassment.

Murugaverl is from Poonakary and arrived in Switzerland in 1990. He now teaches at the Bern Valluvan School, a Tamil school for migrant Tamil children.

P. Vijayashanthan – Concept, Photography & Editing
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