Natalie Soysa


Natalie Soysa is a photographer & writer who retired from her 13 year career in advertising to pick up her first camera soon after.

Over the past 3 years, she has combined her new found eye for photography with her existing resources of perspective, idea generation, writing & design to help her become an experimental artist and advocate of social issues.

She began chronicling the emerging post-war explosion of arts & culture in the country in many leading publications & webzines. Her journey has lead her to her current position as The British Council’s new head of arts in Sri Lanka, where she now focuses on conceptualizing multi-disciplinary arts projects in the country.

Natalie also has a large body of photographs in travel, conceptual portraiture and social documentary. She also experiments as an art photographer using shadows, reflections and silhouettes of the human body. She has been exhibited 5 times in both Sri Lanka and India.

Natalie shared her story at TEDx in Sri Lanka last November, taking the audience on a journey of self-discovery post quitting the corporate world, titled ‘Out of the Box & into the Cubicle?’

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