Kesera Wittachy

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Kesera Wittachy

Kesera Wittachy (42 years)
Zürich, Switzerland

‘’What I remember most were the pyres; they used to put people in top of each other and put petrol and burn and that gives off a funny taste…. the smell. It’s like rosewater with burning hair and that taste that stays with you for years, months you just don’t get rid of it. Every time I have a nightmare and I see this, I don’t see pictures actually, I get a taste in my mind. When I think back it’s the taste of the burning bodies that I get.’’

Kesera, then 12 years old, shares the story of Alibaba, the ice-cream vendor and his experience of the 83’ riots, in Kalutara.

P. Vijayashanthan – Concept, Photography & Editing
Tanuja Thurairajah – Concept and Text Summaries