Helplines in Sri Lanka

Equal Ground, Colombo, July 2013. Photograph by Aamina Nizar Decades of war, natural disasters, poverty, unemployment, inequality, changes in values and lifestyles, combined with misinterpretations of mental health and its causes and effects have left large segments of society stigmatised and isolated. It is a fact that a strong support system, including emotional support, is intrinsic to the recovery or rehabilitation of an individual suffering from any form of mental disease – temporary or permanent. Mental diseases are treatable and life goes on in spite of it. Identities are often mistaken as mental diseases. Sri Lanka’s helplines are providing a …


30 Years Ago was launched in August 2013 by Groundviews, to commemorate 30 years since Black July. Building from the critically acclaimed Moving Images two years ago, Groundviews brought together leading documentary filmmakers, photographers, activists, theorists and designers, in Sri Lanka and abroad, to focus on just how deeply the anti-Tamil pogrom in 1983 shaped our imagination, lives, society and polity. Photograph by Sachini Perera