Tara O’Hehir

Tara O’Hehir is a photographer and digital artist from Sydney who specialises in portraiture, fashion and photojournalism. She held the role of Managing Director of Inspire Studios in Edinburgh before she succumbed to adventure and found herself in Sri Lanka working on The Equal Project with Seshanka Samarajiwa. Her work is driven by emotion and truly believes that images can bring people together. Tara O’Hehir was commissioned by The Picture Press for this project.

Seshanka Samarajiwa

Seshanka Samarajiwa is a photographer and writer who recently left the bright lights and windy streets of Melbourne to explore Sri Lanka. Both his writing and his photography reflect his fascination with people. He is currently working with Tara O’Hehir, travelling around Sri Lanka working on The Equal Project. He holds a Double Major in Photography and Journalism from Edith Cowan University. Seshanka Samarajiwa was commissioned by The Picture Press for this project.

Muradh Mohideen

Muradh Mohideen is a freelance photographer that currently works with an international development agency in Sri Lanka specializing in Communications and Programmes. He is currently conducting research on sustainable ICT models to support rural education. He is also a founding member of Connect, a youth movement that works closely with people and communities. Muradh Mohideen was commissioned by The Picture Press for this project.

Aamina Nizar

Aamina Nizar is a freelance photographer based in Colombo Sri Lanka. After receiving her degree and training in Media and Photography in Mumbai she now specializes in travel, documentary, jewelry, product and industrial photography. Her work consists of an extensive portfolio of India and Sri Lanka. Apart from photography she likes to work for environmental and humanitarian causes. She is also a history buff, an animal lover and a collector of hats. Aamina Nizar was commissioned by The Picture Press for this project.

The Picture Press

The Picture Press is Sri Lanka’s first open, and curated, web platform that uses photojournalism to begin conversations about broader development issues facing Sri Lanka and South Asia. Launched in December 2012, The Picture Press is an online exhibition of development-oriented photography where photographers are challenged to do more with their photographs – accompany them with meaningful and thought-provoking narratives. Features on the site attempts to visually capture the challenges facing society, document the development that is taking place around us, and serve as an online archive of photographs and research/information of this change. Content on the site is generated …

Tehani Ariyaratne

Tehani Ariyaratne is a researcher at the Centre for Poverty Analysis, studying development and poverty issues in Sri Lanka, with a focus on gender and alternative communications.

Sunela Jayewardene

Sunela Jayewardene has been widely recognized as ‘Sri Lanka’s leading environmental architect’ (Time, March 2007; India Today, 2008). Her primary design impulse is a serious concern for the ecology of sites and sustainability of human habitats. Environmental innovation is a central feature of her projects. Her work has been widely recognized with Vil Uyana for Jetwing Hotels being listed amongst the Top 25 Eco Lodges of the World by National Geographic in 2013, the HICAP award for Sustainable Design in 2006 and a Merit Award for Aesthetic Application from Holcim Lanka. The Rainforest Eco lodge in Deniyaya is one of …

Natalie Soysa

Natalie Soysa is a photographer & writer who retired from her 13 year career in advertising to pick up her first camera soon after. Over the past 3 years, she has combined her new found eye for photography with her existing resources of perspective, idea generation, writing & design to help her become an experimental artist and advocate of social issues. She began chronicling the emerging post-war explosion of arts & culture in the country in many leading publications & webzines. Her journey has lead her to her current position as The British Council’s new head of arts in Sri …

Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai is an award winning journalist cum photojournalist, and an avid blogger. Being driven by endless passion towards profession, she continues to cover sensitive issues related to war and post war in Sri Lanka, in spite of numerous threats. Her powerful stories are told through photos. Many of her photos have travelled through the globe, have been published widely, and been exhibited worldwide. Being a go getter, numerous stories have begun to unfold with her extensive experience in the field of journalism.

Shanika Perera

Shanika Perera holds a degree in graphic design from the Academy of Design. Beyond her zealous fondness for cows, cats and chopsticks she shares a deep passion for the environment. A self styled environmentalist, her ambition and dream is to one day champion positive change in cultivating a more ‘green conscious’ society. Till then, she remains a professional graphic designer with a multitude of creative accomplishments ranging from fashion to advertising.